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Oskar Frech - Faster than Formula 1

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Introducing Speed-T, Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG for the first time introduces a hot-chamber diecasting machine with a cycle time of 3.8 seconds for a 12-cavity die and to produce castings with a thickness of a mere 0.4 mm.

Speed-T Inside - an innovative hot-chamber diecasting machine excelling at two important disciplines, shorter cycle time and top quality, was presented by Oskar Frech in hall 13 at the booth of BDG, the German Foundry Association.

Frech has complemented its real-time controlled DAW with a direct spraying feature which operates from within the die thereby successfully reducing spraying time. A camera monitors this process so that machine operators can keep visual track of this process step. Adding to the reliability of the process is the tool storage function. This ensures that the machine settings are always completely accurate and because the data of each die is saved 100% process accuracy can be guaranteed (reproducibility).

Parallel motion is another new feature which means in effect that the ejector can be activated while the die is still opening or the spraying motion can be initiated early while the cavity is being filled.

It goes without saying that Speed-T comes with the tried and tested, easy to use Data Dialog Windows control (DD). Data Dialog allows the plunger to be slowed down before the cavity filling process has been completed (Shotstop function), operators to save the data of several dies, different speeds can be selected during filling and shot stopping before cavity completion in real time (a valve controls the shot in the millisecond range) and many more functions.

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