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FRECH – Satisfied Customers Is Top Priority

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OSKAR FRECH GmbH + Co.KG in Schorndorf Germany held an informative After Sales meeting called “After Sales Day” for the very first time, in which buyers and users from several countries were invited to participate.

An estimated 40 die casters accepted the invitation to FRECH and were able to learn more about service and support directly from FRECH themselves through a perfectly organized event at the firm.

Cost Reduction Through Continuous Maintenance

At FRECH Urbach plant, participants were able to get an insight into repair service and used machinery trade. Customers are able to send their machines to FRECH for a thorough assessment in which the machine can be evaluated, repaired or overhauled. Mr Schultheiss of FRECH Sales Services and Used Machines explained through various examples, the importance of a regular control of the locking units. The reduction of scrap on one order due a preventive locking unit exchange can save 20% of the cost for the exchange locking unit.

Mr. Balbier, from the coaching staff of Weiler experimental Technology Center, impressively demonstrated how fundamentally important the training is for the employees on the machines. Too much money is lost in many companies due to improper handling of expensive machinery. The machines could function up to 40% better if they were used and operated properly. This is one of the many reasons why it’s essential to attend the training programs at FRECH.

Training Program

According to the organizer Ms.Gramm, an estimated number of 120 customers regularly visits FRECH in a 2 ½  day training at the firm where  they are trained on how to use,  improve and optimize the cycle, speed and energy consumption reduction.  Additionally, 100-150 persons are yearly trained on site by the Frech trainer team. In the Technology Center, at FRECH, the customers even have the possibility to bring their dies for production testing and together they can check how they are able to improve their production.

Spare Parts & Service

At FRECH, the stock level of around 6,000 spare parts are permanently monitored and 11.000 deliveries were carried out in 45 countries of the world. A spare parts team of 10 people, lead by Mr. Michael Köngeter, serves customers within the company. The after-sales team can be reached daily from 7-6 pm and advises the customer remotely, through hotline or sends the service technician to the customer. Approximately 4-5000 service calls were recorded last year by the service team lead by Mr. Peter Bord and around 1,000 service orders were placed for the over 25 field service engineers .

After an informative and interesting training day, Dr.-Ing. Ioannis Ioannidis thanked the participants for their interest and promised more events of this kind in the future. For FRECH, communication with employees and customer satisfaction is a top priority.


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