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“The 1st Die Casting Elites Forum” is Held in Shanghai by Frech

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On May 10-11th, “the 1st Die Casting Elites Forum” is held in Shanghai by Frech - world leading die casting machine supplier. This forum is meant to provide foundries with the latest industry news, cutting edge technologies free of charge and a chance for communication & learning from each other.

The hall is filled with elites from the industry and hearing the speechs. Frech Cold Chamber Machine Sales&Marketing CEO Mr. Braun, Frech Cold Chamber Machine Sales Director Mr. Lamparter, Frech Shanghai General Manager Mr. Chen Zhiqun, Dr. Huang, Dajiang Millison, Shanghai Die Casting Technology Association, leaders from Suzhou Die Casting Technology Association, China Diecasting and hundreds of participants from the die casting industry.

Mr. Braun, Frech Sales&Marketing CEO made the opening speech, representing Frech Group and its management he welcomed all the guests to participate the forum. Mr. Braun said, China is the biggest die casting market all over the world and also increases fast, it requires increasingly high quality of die casting machine, innovation & application of technology as well as automation. He believes the participants can get the most interesting information from this forum.

The two-days forum is filled with excellent. Wonderful speeches are made against topics: “market development Asia”, “tool-technology with FGS – close contour temperature control”, “innovative: multiple zone temperature control”, “salt core castings: potentials and new applications”, “new trends in spray technology”, “innovative melting / dosing technology patented vacuum dosing system – Al-Mg alloy”, “vacuum technologies in HC&CC application”, “die design and casting cell concept for an efficient production of engine blocks”, “Frech hot chamber machine W series new R&D”, “ cold chamber concept by Frech”, “Technique innovation of die casting in Millison”, “engineering competences & peripheral solutions”, “challenges of alloy development & production process”.

The forum also includes inter-reaction part.

Talkers has made speeches of cutting edge technology of the industry, which listeners are very interested. They said they learned a lot during this forum, and it’s very helpful to be able to acknowledge world leading technologies without travelling abroad. One CEO from Xiamen said, “this forum is good, I’m interested in the speeches of automation, digital & intelligent upgrades. It’s necessary to link die casting machine to many multi-functional interfaces.” His company has 3 sets of Frech die casting machines and has further purchasing plans.

Many participants hope that Frech can hold more forums & conferences like this, it helps them to learn and improve and communicate.

There’s also hospitality dinner as well as nice shows during the forum thanks to the organizer Frech. A visit to Frech Shanghai company is also arranged, where participants can observe die casting demonstration vividly.

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