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A world market leader and full line supplier, the FRECH Group is going to introduce several new products and technological advances at the impending GIFA From 16 to 20 June 2015, leading-edge technologies in the field of hot and cold-chamber high-pressure diecasting will be showcased in two technology demonstrations lines at the stand.

At our Welcome Island, ROBAMAT, MELTEC, SPESIMA, and VDS – companies belonging to the FRECH family fold - will present finely matched solutions and new concepts in the areas of die temperature control, furnace technology, automation systems and vacuum technology.

How to increase customer benefit intelligently in the light of the need for tight cost control in the foundry industry is the key challenge addressed by all new product developments and enhancements. For each thematic highlight FRECH can offer practical, cogent and cost-saving solutions and options in important areas such as Energy – Resources – Management (ecoMetals, Blue-Competence, etc.) and also regarding  the connectivity of plant and equipment in keeping with the German technology strategy Industry 4.0.  As a market leader FRECH yet again sets the benchmark in the industry with these new projects and will head up developments in this direction in the coming years.

Shorter cycle times, full-service assistance and maximum availability of machines and equipment were important new messages we sent out to the industry already years ago. Casting with salt cores on hot-chamber machines is not a technology you will have to  wait to materialize in the future – at FRECH it is happening here and now.

Hot-Chamber Diecasting: The Speed-T hot-chamber diecasting model was introduced during GIFA 2011. Parts with a wall-thickness of 0.4 mm were cast on a 12 cavity die at a cycle time of 3.8 seconds. This time round we would like to surprise you with our best-in-class concept F1_66. Would you like to cast waver-thin wall thicknesses and zinc castings with minimal scrap at even shorter cycle times? And perhaps you would like to use this technology for aluminium diecasting, too? All this has now become a reality in the shape of the FRECH Wseries.

Tooling and FGS: Frech Gating System

The ability to produce castings without the need for runners has always been one of the biggest challenges in high-pressure diecasting. With its FGS - which is short for Frech Gating System - Frech have brought a technology to maturity which enables the manufacturing of castings with only minimal sprue residue. Thanks to precise temperature control and an innovative process design, this gating system ensures that the molten metal remains liquid up to the parting line level. By retaining a minimum of sprue residue as well as the gate, proven and tried computation and design methods can still be applied as before. Diminishing the size of the gating system also diminishes the projected area which can in consequence be used to add more cavities. As the runner is always filled with molten metal there is also less air in the casting system which results in lower porosities in the castings. Other economic advantages of this system derive from reduced amounts of re-melt material and shorter cycle times. Regarding in ustrial applications, FGS systems have been implemented for diecasting zinc and magnesium and have been consistently improved ever since so that today a broad range of different parts can be diecast using the FGS.

However, we advise that you best see for yourselves – a casting show will be held at the booth of BDG (German Diecasters’ Association): a casting operation using a 4-cavity die and the FGS system will be demonstrated live there on a W 20/Zn – RC hot-chamber machine fitted with the F1-66.

Cold-chamber diecasting:

Advances in the Vacural process and its adaptation to the DAK machine series have demonstrated in 2011 that it is indeed possible to produce structural components with extremely thin wall thicknesses, excellent mechanical properties and outstanding microstructure by high-pressure diecasting on an industrial scale across a broad range of different sizes. Market demand for our machines and our success in the past have proven us right.

This has spurred FRECH on to focus on developing its range of cold-chamber machines even further, and to present a completely new and highly dynamic casting unit at this year’s GIFA. It goes without saying that the VACURAL process is already an integral part of the design concept of the new K-series. As a full-line supplier we cover all locking forces which might be required for any type of application from 130 to 4,400 tons. Energy performance has been an important consideration in the machine’s concept, especially energy consumption at base load. Generous tie bar spacing, long die strokes in spite of significantly shorter footprints, as well as free-standing guard doors result in considerably faster set-up times and are new features of this new development.

The K-series – a new machine concept based on 66 years of experience, 210 patents and numerous other innovations.

The World of Diecasting will come together in Düsseldorf in June. The heartbeat of the World of Die Casting will be felt the keenest in Hall 11 (booths D26 and F21).

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