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Reichmann & Sohn with new online presence

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With the start of the second quarter of 2016 the website of Reichmann & Sohn shines in a new design. The relaunch of the website was the logical consequence of the redesign of the corporate identity (CI), which had been done in the past year. In course of the CI-redesign the logo and the corporate values had been revised. The new web appearance sets new standards and remains a milestone within the corporate history.

If somebody is searching for information about Reichman from sow on, it can be found clearly structured on the new website. The modern and reduced design focuses on the core competences and the products of the company. Thanks to "responsive design", the website can be used with all available (mobile) devices, such as computers, tablets and smartphones. The website automatically adjust depending on the different creen size.

One family brand with three sub-brands

The new website is structured into four main pages: corporate website, Ski & Board Tuning, Casting Finishing and Rema. Each single website can be individually reached - depending on the interest of the user. All four pages are logically interlinked and are based on the same structure. Due to the imagery and the colour delimitation of the divisons, the user always recognize easily which Reichmann website he is visiting at the moment.

Product information & service offering

Each of the webpages informs the user about the products and offers explaining video material. In addition (new) customers are able to find the right contact person regarding their inquiries in terms of service, orders or training opportunities. Thanks to intuitive navigation the website can be used very easy - surfing on the new Reichmann website becomes and experience!

Immerse yourself in the new Reichmann-world

Click trough the new Reichmann website now and experience the brand, the products and the service offerings:

- Reichmann corporate website: <link http: en>
- Recihmann Ski & Board Tuning: <link http: en>
- Reichmann Casting Finishing: <link http:>
- REMA: <link http:>

Company Info

Reichmann & Sohn GmbH

Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 6
89264 Weissenhorn

Telephone: +49 (0) 7309 875-0