Salzburger Aluminium Group - reliable partner of renowned OEMs in Spain and México

With its plants in Spain and Mexico, the Salzburger Aluminium Group has three production facilities located near major automotive clusters in these countries and has established itself as a reliable partner and supplier for truck and car manufacturers.

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The plant in Spain is located directly near Madrid in Alcalá de Henares and has been operating under the SAG flag since 2016. The focus is on the production of aluminium truck tanks and compressed air tanks for the truck industry. SAG Spain's speciality is just-in-time delivery, also overseas. The plant is a reliable partner of large OEMs in Spain as well as in Japan. The plant specialises in large series. It produces around 100,000 tanks and 50,000 compressed air tanks annually.

The Salzburger Aluminium Group operates two plants in Mexico. Plant 1 in Tlalnepantla/México City is also home to the administration, sales team and management. Plant 2 is a production site in Monterrey/Nuevo Leon.

SAG has been successfully active on the North American market for twelve years. With about 400 employees, major American car manufacturers such as General Motors, Chrysler and Ford are supplied with tanks and aluminium components, but also containers for air suspension systems and rheocasting lightweight structural parts.

The huge pan-american automotive market, in which SAG is present through its two production sites in Mexico, also offers enormous opportunities for other product lines. Due to the growing trend towards electric mobility and hydrogen vehicles, there are many opportunities for SAG to gain further market share with technologies and products as a pioneer in the areas of rheocasting and LH2 cryogenic tank systems.

The company is particularly proud of its high quality standards for all products and services. Only recently, SAG México received the Masters of Quality Award from Daimler Truck North America for the fifth time.

SAG: Global player with a local footprint in nine countries and at 10 locations

The Salzburger Aluminium Group is an Austrian family-owned company with 1100 employees worldwide at 10 locations in Europe, Mexico, the USA and Canada. The headquarters of the company, which goes back to Salzburger Aluminium founded in 1898, is in Lend/Salzburg. Other SAG locations in Austria are Schwarzach/Pongau and Vienna. SAG has subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Mexico, the USA and Canada. The company is a technology leader in the field of cryo tank systems for LNG & LH2 (liquid natural gas & liquid hydrogen) and is a pioneer in the production of rheocasting components (special semi-solid casting process). As a manufacturer of aluminium truck tanks, SAG is a global supplier to many well-known OEMs. Other products include lightweight components, air reservoirs, compressed air tanks and special components for the commercial vehicle, railway and special vehicle industries. The turnover of the entire group of companies was around EUR 221 million in 2022.

As part of the GreenTech Awards, SAG has already been awarded a special prize twice as a "Leading Innovator". This was prompted by the company's numerous patents for innovations that make a significant contribution to climate protection.

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