TCT Tesic: Wanted!

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We are looking for following used foundry equipment for our clients. If you have these or similar good equipment, please contact us:      

1. Disamatic moulding line
Type: 2070 (any type) with PMC

2. Furane sand moulding line / Fastloop line
with Contin. mixer cap. 25 - 30 t/h, Vibrating table, Mould rollover unit, Mould closing unit
Fastloop line is also welcome!
with a mould size of 3.000 x 1.800 mm along with Pouring & Cooling lines.

3. Automatic moulding line with or without sand plant
Flask size: 1.400x1.000x400/400 mm approx.
Speed: 30 - 60 Mould/

4. Automatic moulding line for brake drum production
Flask size: 800x 600x400/400 mm approx.
Speed: 60-90 Mould/h

5. Hanger type shot blast machine
Cabin: Width 1.500 x Height 1.500 mm;
Hook capacity: 2 ton approx.

6. MF-Induction Melting Furnaces for Fe-alloys
Capacity: 5-6 to/h
Preferably dual type with 2x crucibles and single power unit    

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