The Austrian Foundry Conference - 25 years of successful cooperation between ÖGI and the University of Leoben

DI Gerhard Schindelbacher retires at the end of the year - his successor is Dipl.-Ing. Christa Zengerer

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With 290 participants from Austria, Germany and other European countries, experts from the entire casting value chain gladly welcomed the offer of the face-to-face event again. Excellent lectures, networking and warm hospitality characterized the all-round successful event.

Special thanks go to Ms Luttenberger and her team.

At the gala evening of the congress, ÖGI President Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Schindelbacher, who will retiring at the end of the year, announced that after 25 years he will hand over the leadership of the ÖGI to his designated successor, the well-connected Dipl.-Ing. Christa Zengerer, currently still Managing Director of ACstyria Mobilitätscluster GmbH.

In his review, Schindelbacher recalled the first joint D-A-CH conference in 2005 in Innsbruck with more than 1,000 participants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and many great events organized by the ÖGI.

It was always the good mix of expert lectures and the locations that contributed to making the events unforgettable.

In 2024 there will be another big D-A-CH meeting in Salzburg, the next ÖGI meeting will take place in Schladming next year.

The delegates, colleagues and friends thanked Schindelbacher with great applause and hoped that he would continue to serve industry and research in other capacities in the future.

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