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Minimum Quantity Spraying with Trennex ®

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High Concentrate – Oil (water free) Spraying | The minimum quantity spraying of lubricant has without a doubt the potential to completely redevelop die casting tech­nology in the near future.

By nearly completely transferring the temperature controls from the die to internal cooling systems, the amount of water needed in the spray fluid can be greatly reduced or even eliminated. This will result in longer die service life and massive savings in the disposal of waste water.

Geiger + Co. Schmierstoff-Chemie GmbH has been involved in this new technology since its earliest stages of development and has already successfully implemented this new technology with a few customers. It doesn’t matter if the spraying is done from a water-based concentrate or if completely water-free oil spraying is preferred; there is a Trennex ® Product for every need:
The water-free high-performance lubricant Trennex ® 3000 and Trennex ® VM 3386 are highly effective in protecting the die from thermal fatigue and corrosion, even when applied in minimal quantities. Both products do not require solvents and are therefore -in contrast to other common oil-spray products- not flammable.

Water-based concentrates such as Trennex ® MS W 051 and Trennex ® MS W 058 can be concentrated or watered down as needed. Their highly effective ingredients minimize the Leidenfrost-Effect that occurs when using water-based lubricants and also minimize problems from thermal fatigue and corrosion. Problems from form build-up and clogged spray nozzles are avoided by refraining from using waxes and pigments.

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