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New Trennex ® Products for Structural Die Casting

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The development of structural castings has created completely new possibilities for die casting.

In the automotive industry, aluminum and magnesium castings have not only replaced cast iron in the production of engines and transmissions; they are also starting to replace steel in the production of vehicle bodies.

This new spectrum of structural castings has advanced the development of die lubricants. In addition to the complex separating and lubricating effect, a die lubricant must also support the metal flow when dealing with structural castings.

Building on our proven Trennex ® W 8000 Series we have developed two new die lubricants specifically for structural castings: Trennex ® W 81 SG and Trennex ® W 82 SG.

Special polymers were worked into the die lubricants, which create an isolating film in the tool. This isolating film then prevents premature cooling while the die is being filled. Both die lubricants have excellent flow ability and film formation, even with large-scale castings.

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