Trennex Geiger + Co. Schmierstoff-Chemie GmbH: Optimized mold release agents for new components made from naturally hard alloys

Aluminum die casting foundries are currently facing major challenges. On the one hand, the increasing switch to electric mobility is increasing the demand for ever larger and more complex components, on the other hand, the energy crisis requires foundries to make significant cost savings in order to remain competitive in international competition. In addition, there are increasingly strict sustainability criteria that must be met along the supply chain.

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One way to meet these challenges is to switch from hardenable alloys to naturally hard or self-hardening alloys. As a result, it seems possible to produce very large aluminum structural parts with significantly lower energy costs and fewer process steps. However, it has to be considered that changing the alloy can sometimes have an enormous impact on the further process steps. By dispensing with the energy-intensive solution annealing, residues of operating materials such as the separating agent are not removed from the cast parts during heat treatment with naturally hard alloys. Therefore, with naturally hard alloys, much more attention must be paid to adequate and process-reliable cleaning and pre-treatment of the structural parts than with hardenable alloys.

As a manufacturer of release agents, we dealt with this challenge at an early stage. Here we have developed new mold release agents that both meet the increased technical requirements, and at the same time they are as compatible as possible with the subsequent processes. Table 1 shows a comparison of our new development with a conventional release agent. With our new development, the same components can be produced without heat treatment, without aggressive etch passivation and with minimal quantity spraying.

Our mold release agents for structural castings, made of naturally hard and self-hardening alloys, have already proven themselves many times in practice, both for conventional structural castings and for new projects on so-called Gigacasting machines.


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