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As we know, casting molding lines are roughly divided into horizontal line and vertical line. The horizontal line mainly produces large castings, while the vertical line usually produces small castings, such as Automotive parts castings. 

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Vertical molding lines can produce much higher volumes of castings than the horizontal, and these small castings should be degated in the shortest time. Degating efficiency, and inserting convenience/ease of use would be the key factors when an end user is choosing degating tools for a vertical molding line. And separating efficiency and inserting convenience are usually determined by the way wedge is inserted, since the wedge's no-load speed of different brands has no big difference. 

Don´t waste time, because TIME IS MONEY
According to the structure of most wedges currently on the market, the insertion method of the wedge is mainly horizontal in order to keep enough space for the central wedge to protrude. Otherwise, it will be retracted without being separated. 

If the horizontal insertion separation method is used, time is wasted adjusting the position of the casting, which sometimes even needs to be held by hand during separating. This operation will waste a lot of time, and some risers are not easy to break because there is no room for the central wedge to extend. TIME IS MONEY. 

Are there any other insertion methods of degating that can avoid the above problems and achieve improved separating efficiency and inserting convenience? 
China is a major producer of auto parts castings on the world. What tools are used by these Chinese foundries?

With the vertical wedge machine, due to the unique structure design of its center wedge, no additional space is required for the center wedge during separation. Therefore, most angles can be separated directly by inserting it without the need to manually adjust the casting position or angle - saving a lot of time and improved convenience and efficiency of separation.

Seeing is believing
Please watch the application video on youtube via this link:

Regardless of whether your conveyor belt is at waist height or on the ground, it is the same - Vertical inserting and direct separating. Those who USE IT, LOVE IT. 

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