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Weijing: Degating Windmill Castings in China

On April 1st, 2020 Tongyu Heavy Industry chose the Weijing QC431 Degating Hammer for degating windmill castings. 

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Tongyu Heavy Industry, an important production base of MW-class wind power generator shafts and Wind Power Hub in China, approached Suzhou Weijing for its Degating Hammer after hearing positive reviews from Shandong Himile Machinery Co., ltd, also a main foundry of the biggest windmill castings in China. 

The Suzhou Weijing QC431 Degating Hammer can provide impact energy to 18000 Joules. This energy can degate a riser diameter reaching 250mm, and has a tilting device for easy aiming at the parts which should be degated. The Suzhou Weijing QC431 hammer can also be remotely controlled by operators. Both these function save time for users. 
Besides the features above, all Suzhou Weijing Degating Hammers have a quick switcher of low/high air pressure changing. This function enables users to control degating safety better. In order to save future maintenance cost for users, Suzhou Weijing designed the cylinder insider returned by lubricated air rather than springs, in order to avoid replacement in the future - Using compressed air via FRL to lubricate piston seals of the return cylinder, not by direct air which could have dust to damage sealing. 

All these unique designs are for one purpose: to provide premium quality for end users. Suzhou Weijing does not just sell the equipment, they also bring unique values to customers and save them unnecessary costs. 

Suzhou Weijing, founded in 2008, focuses on providing the most suitable Casting Degating Equipment for foundries worldwide, such as: Casting Degating Hammers, Foundry Wedge Breakers. 

Until today, Suzhou Weijing has already provided more than 630 sets of tools to nearly 300 foundries, mostly located in China. But now, they hope to have the opportunity to serve more global foundries. 

Casting Degating Problems - Come to WEIJING. 



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