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Why Weijing's QC499 Hammer could be the most suitable for Windmill Castings

Weijing provides degating hammers to the two biggest windmill casting foundries in China: Shandong Himile Machinery Co., ltd and Tongyu Heavy Industry.

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While the Weijing QC431 Hammer can provide 18000 Joules, giving it the power to knock off neck sizes of up to 250mm, when the neck size of the largest risers reaches 350-380mm, now-customer Tongyu Foundry had been using flame cutting to degate its castings, a much less efficient method. 

So the question arised - is there a hammer that could degate the largest risers in the world, with a neck size reaching 350-380mm?

With Weijing's experience in providing 88 hamemr sets to the market, including two sets in windmill casting foundries, its team felt it has the responsibility to help windmill casting makers to take on the challenge of degating the largest risers. That is also the main reason to drive Weijing team to design and produce QC499 Hammer. 

The Weijing Degating Hammer QC499 can supply 28000 Joules of impact energy, able to knock off a neck size reaching 350mm. 

As we know, windmill castings usually are very large, thus having very large risers. The location of the risers, often placed quite high, also provides a challenge. Therefore, the Weijing QC499 Hammer is equipped with a tilting device, providing better targeting and reach during operation. The QC499 can also be controlled remotely by the operator for better safety.

With these functions and features, the Weijing QC499 could be the most suitable Degating Hammer to challenge the largest risers of windmill castings in the world. 

In order to let the foundries whose riser neck size is around 350mm have a chance to experience it, Weijing is now providing a one month free trial. 

If you are a producer of large castings with risers with around 350mm neck size, contact Weijing at roc.hang(at) to applying for a trial at no charge.  

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