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Yxlon International GmbH: Y.MU2000 X-ray inspection system from YXLON now with CT option, too!

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Switch from radioscopy to computed tomography by pressing a button

With over 490 systems in operation on the market, Y.MU2000 is the most highly utilized universal X-ray inspection system worldwide. Most recently geared to match the newest technical state-of-the-art through a digital flat-panel detector, the system is now also available with a CT option. As a result, the imaging possibilities for this system proven worldwide are being enhanced by adding a third dimension. What remains unchanged is easy operation.

With this new CT option the user can switch from radioscopy to computed tomography at the touch of a button. Three quality modes to choose from, each with preset parameters, guarantee simple and failsafe application. Data export to the analysis station containing VolumeGraphics analysis software delivered as part of the package occurs afterwards on a fully automatic basis. This enables various analyses – such as measurement, actual:target situation comparison, pore analysis and sectional image analyses – to be commenced immediately.

While the highly precise, purely CT systems Y.CT Precision and Y.CT Modular have been conceived more for specialists in the lab, and with its ‘allround talent’ Y.Multiplex is suited for both laboratory applications and production in its capacity as a fluoroscopy system with integrated computed tomography, the CT option for Y.MU2000-D is targeted primarily for newcomers to computed tomography. “We have deliberately kept the product simple. Users do not have to concern themselves with parameters such as projections, detector resolution, voxels and detailed technical correlations,” explains Product Manager Emre Batur. Whereas the CT option can be ordered right away as a package option in the case of new systems, thanks to the extensive upgrade program at YXLON many existing systems can equally be enhanced with the CT upgrade, too.

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Yxlon International GmbH

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