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17. February 2011

CFZierler - Our Products and Services

CF Zierler GmbH and its associates are a group of companies specialised within the steel and iron foundries, steel works and static cast roll sectors of the foundry industry.We are currently supplying over 90% of the foundries...

31. January 2011

Foseco - Ferrous Metal Treatment

Ferrous Metal Treatment Foseco’s INITEK process for ductile iron The manufacturing cost of ductile Iron castings is a major limiting factor for foundries to compete against alternative materials such as welded...

11. January 2010

New Kurtz Solutions For Tiltable Gravity & Gravity Casting

  Kurtz Gravity Casting MachinesThe Core Pull Makes The DifferenceOn the whole, gravity casting is the classical casting process. Practiced for hudreds of years, it still offers potential for improvement. Kurtz has developed...

22. November 2009

Precimeter installs fully automated slab caster in Italy

With the successful installation of Precimeter equipment at the Laminazone Sottile plant in Italy during May 2009, the plant now has access to one of the most modern slab production facilities.In order to convince the engineers...

18. August 2008

Foseco Increases FEEDEX High-Strength Exothermic Sleeve Capacity

Foseco Europe has just completed a major investment program to extend capacity in its FEEDEX high-strength exothermic feeder sleeve product range.

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