Automatic grinding in Automotive Foundries: is flexibility a dream?

Flexibility in automatic grinding is not a dream but it is the future for automotive foundries

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Article by Lianco Technologies LTD

in the foundry world one of the most invested area with lots of projects around is linked to captive foundries involved in automotive industry (car & truck) producing high volumes components like engine blocks, heads, gear boxes, differential cases, axels, fifth wheel and so on. 

All these parts have their own technology and particular ways of processing in the fettling or machining areas. Considering especially the heart of a vehicle, its engine, we can say that you need to have a dedicated solution for your shop floor.

In-line blocks, V-blocks, segmented heads and single piece heads in all shapes and sizes will make it not easier for an economic and efficient solution.

What does an Automotive Foundry really need?

To properly answer all needs for a competitive automatic solution you may need:

  • for a strong material removal, a dedicated heavy duty snag grinding unit.
  • for intricate areas a flexible finishing with a robotic arm
  • for consistent output the reliability of a CNC machining centers
  • for tight tolerances of the automotive industry a high accuracy machine

A lot of different equipment, but is it really a good idea or the best choice to invest in all these dedicated solutions while the world is changing from fossil fuels to electric energy or hydrogen-powered vehicles?

Foundries need to look to future market demands

Foundries should concentrate to be equipped and prepared for the current request, but also for the future market demands.

Why not thinking to a system which is able to remove with high power a lot of material if required, together with flexibility and high precision axis?

Why not thinking to an equipment which can be used in its standard configuration for low batches and with only small additional investments for high volume output?

Lianco machining systems combined keep up with changes
GS series with the models 80, 120 or 160 are especially designed by Lianco Technologies for covering all these needs or to be added as a powerful machining station in existing cells.
Lianco Technologies has supplied lots of these strong machining systems combined as cells or as single units in the last years to major players in the auto industry.
Satisfied customers of Lianco Technologies can be found in the Asian market arena like WEICHAI, FAW, HAOXIN, FUWA, YUCHAI, ASIMCO.

FAGOR EDERLAN collaboration: automation and flexibility are the future!

But also in Europe, Lianco recently signed collaboration with FAGOR EDERLAN for the supply of a fully automatic and high flexible cell for truck block finishing at Fagor Ederlan Tafalla, specialist in these complex components, reconfirms the competitiveness of our solutions for companies aiming to a long and successful future. 

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