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Weijing Unique Auto Grinding Machine Customized for Round Castings

Customized for perfectly circular castings. Usually the place where you need to grind the parting line and end gate projection in your round Castings

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Earlier foundry men used a robot fettling station for this application. Robot is quite limited when using many circular parts. A lot of technical expertise is required to program different sizes each time.

A simpler machine, lower in cost and very versatile is Weijing two axis grinding machine which could be with two grinding stations needing only one operator to load and unload the part.

This loading, unloading can also be integrated with a simple pick and place robot later. Usually offered with manual loading and unloading of part.

Diameter variation is sensed by the machine. 3 grinding models already inbuilt for foundries to select. PLC programming is much more simpler than robotic programming.

We have other features like pneumatic holding of part, hydraulic rotation of parts during grinding, wheel wear composition with seven sensors in built for various movements.

Diamond wheels made by Weijing, lowers repetitive cost of wheel and can be used for steel castings too. A simple tool for circular parts needing Outer diameter grinding maximizing outputs and releasing bottleneck from the fettling grinding area. Shorter pouring to dispatch time, reduces foundry inventory drastically.

A handy machine a foundry badly needs now, comes at an attractive price?

Any requirements on the castings? 

First, the casting should be absolute round, not looks like circular. 

Second, the grinding places should be at same level on the round surface of the castings. 

Third, the casting weight should be less than 30 kg, the casting diameter should be between 107 mm to 340 mm, the casting height should be lower than 170 mm.

Watch the video in the box, feel the efficiency! 

Round Casting Grinding, Think about Weijing!


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