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Bühler event in Turkey spotlights die casting potential

From market trends to higher productivity of die-casting solutions

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The Bühler Die Casting Seminar Turkey on 30 March 2022 brought over 170 professionals together on the Asian side of Istanbul to spotlight current trends and opportunities in the industry.

Interactive sessions in a relaxed atmosphere covered a wide range of topics. The welcome speech from Mr. Tunçağ of the Turkish Foundry Association painted an optimistic picture. Martin Lagler, Director Global Product Management & Marketing, Bühler, confirmed that the company expects to see continuing growth, particularly driven by the demand for structural components and electric vehicle (EVs) powertrain parts. 

A focus on production 
The focus then turned to the potential for production improvements in die casting foundries. The importance of high metal quality as the foundation for good castings and how dosing furnaces can result in significant energy savings was introduced by Hans Henrik Würtz, CEO of Stotek AS in Denmark. Martin Lutz, Sales Director at Wollin in Germany, explained how to shorten cycle times through microspraying. Günther Prunner from voestalpine in Austria, discussed how to choose the right steel for better die longevity and higher quality. Bühler shared the ‘Bühlerway to a higher productivity’, covering the unique shot control capability of Bühler machines, the production advantages of the DataView control system and demonstrating how the newly released Bühler Die Casting Dashboard can drive improvements in each cell. 

Back in a collaborative space
Martin Lagler, Director Global Product Management & Marketing at Bühler says the event was a great success. “After two years of confinement, everyone was delighted to be back in a collaborative space. Lively and thought-provoking presentations were followed by lots of informal networking, where guests could discuss issues together and with the speakers. It was a really positive event and I look forward to many more in the near future.”


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