Case Study: Quality assurance for chill casting with the optical emission spectrometer FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart

Krause Präzisions-Kokillenguss GmbH is a second-generation, family-run midsize foundry established in Germany in 1977.

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They offer a broad range of services: product development, creating molds and dies, casting production, finishing with CNC controlled turning and milling centres and sub-assembling.

Aside from melt monitoring on the foundry floor, Krause uses the FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart in end-to-end production monitoring: from goods receiving – especially when raw materials are delivered without test reports – to shipping when preparing test reports for the customers. Customers’ material samples are often submitted for testing as well.

To meet special customer requests, Krause also uses the FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart in product development. The mixture is tested with the spectrometer in the trial phases. Krause Präzisions-Kokillenguss offers 12 alloys, including aluminium alloys and non-ferrous metal alloys including brass, aluminium bronze and pure copper. The steel for the moulds is also tested with the FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart since mix-ups have occurred on delivery in the past.

Read the full case study to learn more about the use of the spark spectrometer FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart for chill casting.


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