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Stop the madness of waste virgin sand

Prof .Dr.-Ing. Gotthard Wolf, Susanna Mendez and Kalle Härkki think about the future and about changing old-fashioned processes in the foundry

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There are many reasons to think about the use of foundry sand andfoundries need a lot of it. In Europe, this amounts to about 8 million tons a year, most of which ends up in a landfill after being used once or twice. Foundries especially need pure quartz sand, which could be reused again and again.

"We have to be much more careful and aware of the issue," says Susanna Mendez, a well-known expert from the Spanish Azterlan Institute, and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gotthard Wolf from the renowned TU Freiberg in Germany adds that it really makes no sense to simply dump the sand in a landfill after use.

Such thoughts correspond exactly to the social and political changes in Europe, where the environmental regulations are constantly becoming stricter and the high costs for the raw material sand and energy are also a factor.

That is why the CEO of the Finnish company Resand clearly concludes: "Let's stop this madness.

In this context, Resand offers simple solutions for processing sand that can be reused again and again in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.

Just watch the video to understand the thoughts.


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