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DISA and Wheelabrator at GIFA 2015: 10 reasons to visit stand E10 in hall 16

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GIFA is the most important trade fair in the world for foundry technology. In 2011, 1,958 exhibitors from all around the world met with 79,000 visitors from 83 countries. At GIFA 2015, DISA and Wheelabrator are delighted to have the opportunity once again to directly interact with customers and visitors, using this perfect occasion to showcase the complete foundry in action and display state-of-the-art foundry innovation.

Here are 10 reasons to visit the DISA and Wheelabrator E10 stand in hall 16:

Witness the unveiling of next generation vertical moulding from DISA

Catch the world premiere of a new heavy duty blast wheel from Wheelabrator

Listen to customers tell their real-life stories on how they have overcome challenges and have reduced their costs per casting with DISA and Wheelabrator solutions

Drop by GIFA’s technical forum in hall 13 for insights into a selection of carefully chosen lectures from renowned technical experts, including DISA General Product Manager Bo Haugboelle’s presentation entitled ‘Increase your casting output with 30 per cent higher productivity on DISA vertical machines’ on June 19 at 2:15 pm

Meet with world-class engineers and moulding and surface preparation experts in informal and yet informative surroundings

Find out about the history of surface preparation, and how Wheelabrator has been leading the industry with innovation since 1869.

Marvel at the amazing machines and equipment on display, and the incredible technologies we’re using to show the machines that couldn’t be here on stand, and find the exact solution and complete service solutions to suit your foundry challenges

Find the right partner to provide you with the right equipment support – locally, in your own language, and at a time scale that fits your concise needs

Grab a coffee and rest your feet for a moment

Be prepared to be amazed!

Stand E10. Hall 16. We’ll see you there.


Introducing DISA and Wheelabrator at GIFA 2015: Dedicated to lowering our customers’ costs per casting

DISA and Wheelabrator together represent the complete foundry: Sand preparation, core shooting, moulding, cooling, shot blasting, peening, vibro finishing, and complete support services. Some of the industry’s most renowned innovations will be highlighted at GIFA 2015.

At GIFA, the DISA and Wheelabrator stand E10 in hall 16 is a unique opportunity to see the complete foundry in action:

Physically:    700 sqm of machines
Virtually:    Virtual reality tour, holograms and 3D touch animations
Futuristically: ‘Meet the Maker’ discussion sessions with some of the best engineers in the industry in order to learn how both companies innovate to stay ahead of the market and shape the industry.

“Both DISA and Wheelabrator have the reputation of being highly dedicated and committed to innovation. We see innovation as a means to delivering the complete foundry and lowering our customers’ costs per casting”, says DISA President & COO, Peter Holm Larsen.

Highlights from DISA Industries A/S at GIFA 2015

The new entry level moulding machine from DISA is designed for foundries wanting to increase their competitive edge with reliable and efficient, high-quality casting production with the lowest possible capital investment. The advantages are hard to match:

  • Machine related mismatch of max. 0.20 mm for minimal finishing costs
  • Optimum output of precision castings using automatic core setter (CSE)
  • PLC control system and DU for easy operation and troubleshooting
  • Next generation vertical moulding will be unveiled on the DISA and Wheelabrator stand on June 16 at 11 am. It is founded on the experience of numerous installed DISA new generation moulding machines in order to take precision, flexibility and reliability to a new level. It delivers high capacity, superior quality and rock-steady performance.

Highlights from Wheelabrator at GIFA 2015

The world premiere of a brand new heavy duty blast wheel – ground-breaking, game-changing innovation to lower your costs per part. Including the video of how the wheel was created, shown on screens above the wheel.

A History of Invention – Who invented sand blasting? Who invented wheelblasting? Find out on stand E10 in hall 16.

The HTS Hanger type blast cleaning machine from Wheelabrator is tailored for foundry and forge applications. Take this rare opportunity to get really close and walk through the machine. Some of the unmatched qualities are:

  • Long blasting capacity and efficiency
  • Economical abrasive consumption, reliable cleaning and dust collection
  • High operational safety and low maintenance

About Norican Group – the parent company of DISA Industries A/S and Wheelabrator

Norican Group is the world's leading provider of technology and services for improving metallic parts. Currently, the offer includes all forms of parts formation (horizontal, matchplate and vertical moulding) and surface preparation technologies (airblast, wheelblast and mass finishing). Its core branded technology platforms are DISA and Wheelabrator. The organisation represents over 200 years of expertise and experience (100+ and 100+), and employs more than 2,300 people over 4 continents, with major operations in Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Poland, Switzerland, UK and USA. Norican Group works with the industry’s leading representatives and business partners in serving its customers throughout the world.

Overall press contact at Norican Group
VP – Marketing Communications Vanessa Ashworth
T:+44 7795 811 268
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Overall press contact at DISA Industries A/S
Marketing manager Ulla Bjerborg Pollas
T:+45 2183 2224
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Overall press contact at Wheelabrator Group
VP – Marketing Communications Vanessa Ashworth
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Press agent
Jeannette Forsberg Fejerskov
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Taking you on a DISA and Wheelabrator ecoMetals Trail: Short background information on products and solutions exhibited on stand

Welcome to the DISA and Wheelabrator stand!

For decades, innovation has been responding to the need to clean up our industry and to make it more environmentally responsible. At DISA and Wheelabrator we like to believe that we are shaping our industry  - our innovations are dedicated to developing solutions that lead to higher sustainability in green sand foundries to bring our customers both environmental and cost-saving benefits simultaneously.

We don’t focus just on equipment when talking sustainability. We focus on making our customers’ entire production and administration more sustainable. We think sustainability into all aspects of a modern foundry, and our aim is to ensure that our customers get the highest quality possible – also in terms of a high quality of life for their workers.

Our complete foundry solution includes a wide range of initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of facilities and operations – from building new, environmentally sustainable structures to improving the energy efficiency of older buildings and processes. But instead of talking you through our initiatives here, let’s have a look...

I’d like to guide you around the stand – to point out the environmental benefits of our solutions, and then I’ll give out these stand guides. If you have any questions, please keep them to the end, and then address the experts who are working by the machine you have a question about. I will help guide you as much as I can!


Vertical moulding brings much lower sand usage per casting than horizontal technology (in a sand to metal ratio). Less sand per casting = less costs per casting as well as less energy to prepare the sand. Much higher production is possible, which can massively reduce the costs per casting on many levels. Reducing the number of shifts needed means less energy for the foundry in general – not merely for the moulding line.

Allow me to give an example: One customer, Winhere in China, went from producing 170 moulds per hour on a horizontal line to 410 moulds per hour on a DISA 240-B. And on casting precision, the foundry went from 0.5 mm to 0.15 mm machine related mismatch!

The DISAMATIC is the most precise vertical moulding machine available: More precision, less waste, higher production output with less energy used. In general, a mismatch of less than 0.10 mm is achievable on smaller machines – again, less waste, less machining and trimming – or these successive tasks may even be eliminated.

Waste = wasting the earth’s resources – materials and energy. So precision and getting it right first time, every time, is of paramount importance.

Another example: A customer in Japan reduced their energy usage in their moulding operation by 20% by switching from a horizontal moulding machine to a DISAMATIC.

The new DISAMATIC D3 takes all of these aspects to another level, being even more reliable and cost-effective, and even making it possible to reduce manpower with DISA’s new Automatic Filter Setter (AFS).

(Why is cost-effective important? – because it makes better technology available to foundries in developing countries, it helps manual foundries move to become automated).

Exhibited on the stand with the D3 are:

  • DIS – Double Index System – pouring two (2) moulds simultaneously increases production by up to 30%. And when you get more out of one shift, you save energy
  • AFS – Automatic Filter Setter – reduces the need for an operator when producing castings with filter. At the same time, much higher speed can be achieved through production with filters. End result: You reduce your overall cost
  • APC – Automatic Pattern Changer – make it possible to change pattern in just 60 sec., and utilizing your DISAMATIC even better = higher uptime
  • MAC – Mould Accuracy Controller – accurate measurement of the moulds before pouring = less scrap.


The DISA MATCH allows the small to medium-sized jobbing foundries to take their first step into high-pressure moulding. Improving productivity and efficiency, producing near to netshape castings, again reducing scrap. But when you take a manual foundry and automate it, you really change the working environment – making it much cleaner and safer for the operators. You may think that automation is a double-edged sword as it can reduce the number of jobs available, but we are finding that in developing countries, such as India, finding labour for foundries is hard work – no one wants to work in a foundry environment, no matter where you are in the world.

Let’s move across to Wheelabrator.

  • The COMET HD wheel
  • At the end of the tour, I’d encourage you to watch the animation.
  • The COMET wheel has been created by challenging how blast wheels actually work. Taking it back to square one. We used the latest super high speed cameras and other technologies to really see what was happening (inside wheels from all manufacturers). We found lots of waste.
  • Our global team of both experienced, and young, innovative engineers set to work to bring about change – not one part has been overlooked > here’s the COMET wheel. Everything changes.
  • Efficiency follows!
  • The COMET HD wheel is a More efficient blast wheel, more controlled abrasive – less power wasted, less abrasive wasted, less maintenance – less damage to wear parts so therefore less parts needed.

Wheelabrator’s History of Innovation
As we said before – Innovation is used to bring Improvements. Wheelabrator (or its former companies) invented the sand blast / airblast process, and invented the first blast wheel. We’ve been inventing improvements for the metal surface preparation industry ever since.
I encourage you to take some time to learn more. On these tables you can see the history, and find out about our latest technology introductions. Also, find out about our facilities – our laboratories and test centres and the software we use there.

The HTS Hanger Type machine
Reliable, sturdy, and accessible. Due to its competitive price, this machine gives small to medium operations a reliable, sturdy – certainly above-average – blast machine. Stripped back to its essential elements (but with all the options to build it up for larger operations) this machine is the way in for those foundries wanting to improve their operations.
Rock-solid, efficient, clean.

Company Info

DISA Industries A/S

Hojager 8
DK – 2630 Taastrup

Telephone: +45 4450 5050