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Fink & Partner and Metal Power: A pioneering partnership for metal analysis

EUROGUSS Messe 2024 was the scene of a remarkable announcement in the foundry industry

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Fink & Partner, a leading LIMS software provider and well-known in many foundries for its product. [FP]-LIMS (formerly [DIA]), and Metal Power, the fastest-growing spectrometry company designing and manufacturing a wide range of Stationary and Mobile OES for Metal and Oil Analysis, have announced their strategic partnership. 

This alliance signals an important step for both companies: Metal Power is looking to strengthen its presence in the European market, while Fink & Partner is looking to expand its international footprint.

Philip Mörke, CEO of Fink & Partner, said: "This partnership is a significant step for us. It allows us to expand our international presence while offering innovative, integrated solutions to our customers in the foundry industry."

Mukund Pant, Managing Director at Metal Power, added: "Our aim is to constantly strengthen the perception of our products in the global market and widen the areas in which we can add value to our customers. By working with Fink & Partner, we can integrate our advanced OES instruments with one of the most powerful LIMS platforms in the world, which will bring immediate benefits to our customers." Philip Mörke added: "This partnership expands our global reach while providing our customers in the foundry industry with state-of-the-art, integrated solutions."

A key element of the partnership between Fink & Partner and Metal Power is the development of seamless interfaces between the [FP]-LIMS software and Metal Power's OES devices. This technological integration represents a major step forward for foundries. It enables seamless data transfer and analysis directly from the measuring devices into the [FP]-LIMS software. This feature not only simplifies the workflow, but also ensures greater accuracy and efficiency in quality control. Foundries benefit from faster and more precise metal analysis, resulting in optimal control of production processes and improved product quality.

Fink & Partner: A proven partner for the foundry industry

Fink & Partner, with its [FP]-LIMS solution, has made a name for itself as a reliable and established partner in the foundry industry. For decades, many foundries worldwide have relied on this LIMS to optimize their processes and ensure product quality. [FP]-LIMS is characterized by its adaptability and user-friendliness, which enables foundries to manage their data efficiently and carry out precise analyses. This long-standing market presence and the trust that foundries worldwide place in [FP]-LIMS underline the reliability and effectiveness of the solution.

Metal Power has established itself as an innovator and trusted supplier of Optical Emission Spectrometers (OES) for metal analysis in the foundry industry over the past two decades. These instruments are known for their precise and fast analysis of metal samples. The high accuracy and reliability of these devices contribute significantly to quality assurance in production. Metal Power has consistently focused on products built with the latest technology and optical, analytical, and design innovations, enabling foundries to take their material analysis to a higher level of accuracy, precision and efficiency.

Joint strengthening of the foundry industry

The combination of [FP]-LIMS and Metal Power's OES instruments creates a powerful solution for metal analysis. The partnership enables more precise control of metal composition - an essential criterion for ensuring product quality and optimizing production processes in foundries. With this innovative combination of software and hardware, Fink & Partner and Metal Power are setting new standards in quality assurance and increasing efficiency in the foundry industry.


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