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Foundry of the week - Substantial Achievements of Millison Internationalization Strategy

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Millison die casting industrial park has been put into production, invested by Beijing Millison Investment Group Co., Ltd. with 1billion RMB and built in Chongqing Banan Tianming automotive and motorbike industry park.

Millison die casting industrial park covers an area of 130,000 m2. Following the green intelligent factory idea of "Made in China 2025" and “Germany Industry 4.0”, Millison has introduced world advanced automated and intelligent die casting machines, machining equipment, including the die casting cell with largest clamping force 4000 tons. It is a die casting park with the present domestic advanced die casting technology, intelligent equipment and green low-carbon, which is close to the international advanced level.

Millison die casting industrial park includes three sections: mould, die casting and machining, adopting world level plant construction and scientifically reasonable production lines layout, including automatic logistics cars and 400 robots for die casting and machining, achieving a 100% intelligent production. After put into production, Millison can produce engine block, gear box housing, engine cover, automotive structure parts, telecom frame and filter. Based on this, Millison can offer 2000 people’s employment, achieve 3 billion output and 0.3 billion profits, which has more 30% products for exporting with 0.15 billion dollars foreign exchange.

Chongqing Dajiang Millison Die Casting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Millison Die Casting), founded on May 14, 2001, is a national high-tech and Chinese die casting top-10 enterprise. In 16 years’ development, it now owns two production bases separately in Chongqing and Hubei Xiangyang. It has the world advanced intelligent die casting cell, high-precision CNC, automatic powder coating line and precision quality test system. Its annual output is 70,000 tons of large, complex and high-precision casts. Millison serves automotive, telecom mechanics and mechatronics fields very well, and has established strategic co-operation with several top-500 companies in the world, such as GM, Ford, Dongfeng, Changan, Geely Volvo, Peugeot Citroen, Tesla, Schaeffler, Magna and Ericsson. Millison has achieved industrial advanced level in manufacture of automotive engine blocks, automatic transmission housings, automotive structure casting, new energy vehicles and 4G/5G tele-com components. Millison has been the global supply base for our domestic and abroad strategic customers for many years by exporting to Asia, Europe and South & North America, etc. and Millison Die Casting has won many honors of the best supplier and excellent supplier from customers.

Global cooperation and co-development becomes more and more common in Millison. With professionalism, internationalization and top-notch orientation, Millison is one of the front runners which have established province-level R&D centers, established own HPDC R&D center with long-term co-operation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, North University of China as well as other top institutes both in China and abroad, and is able to pre-research, store and produce first generation products. Millison has succeeded in design of high vacuum casting, high thermal conductivity material, thin casting and in-mould casting with world advanced level and ownership of 11 invention patents and 59 utility patents. In 2015, Millison established automotive and telecom R&D centers in Germany and Sweden for tracking and learning world advanced die casting technology, researching and developing for automotive structural casts, transmission housing and telecom 5G components.

In next five years, Millison will establish a national technical center, a postdoctoral work station and keep sustainable and innovative development in HPDC with vision of “creating a smooth communication and green & low-carbon life for human-kind”, while complying with “professionalism, internationalization and top-notch orientation”, striving to be the best professional die casting expert in China.

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