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Rösler - Fully equipped standard shot blast machine offers a high degree of cost efficiency and flexibility

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Rösler introduces the RHBE 13/18 spinner hanger blast machine, which offers economical operation, even with relatively low production volumes. Rösler is able to offer this machine at a competitive price without making any compromises in regards to technical features and operational flexibility.

Shot blasting applications like surface cleaning, descaling, derusting or paint preparation, are indispensable stages in many manufacturing processes and can have a significant impact on the final quality of a product. Rather than depending on external job shops, many manufacturers have started investing in shot blast machinery even though the equipment will not be fully utilized.  The benefit is greater flexibility of their production operations, reduction in transport costs and optimization of their value added chain.  Rösler specifically developed the new RHBE 13/18 spinner hanger blast machine for these types of manufacturers.  This new, fully equipped modular system – built according to Rösler’s proven quality standards through a global manufacturing network -- offers many technical features at a very competitive price.

Excellent quality paired with operational flexibility

The RHBE 13/18, designed for work pieces with heights of up to 1,800 mm (6 ft.) and diameters of up to 1,300 mm (4.3 ft.), can handle a broad spectrum of different parts. The standard design features two blast turbines but the customers can choose between different turbine types, including the innovative Gamma 300 G. This universally usable turbine, which can also be installed in existing shot blast equipment, combines high productivity with excellent cost efficiency. Because of the curved design of its throwing blades the Gamma 300 G is incredibly energy efficient, while being considerably more productive than conventional blast turbines. This efficiency allows for utilization of lower drive powers, for example 7.5 kW instead of 11 kW and once the throwing blades are worn on one side, they can be simply turned around for use of the other side. This produces considerably longer blade uptimes and results in significant savings in maintenance time and spare part costs.

The new spinner hanger machine also scores big points with regard to wear protection. The blast chamber is made from manganese steel and in areas exposed to the blast stream is equipped with easily replaceable manganese steel wear plates. When designing the RHBE 13/18, Rösler’s engineers made sure that all major blast media could be used.  For example, unlike many other standard shot blast machines, the new Rösler spinner hanger machine can be run with grit or a mix of grit and round shot. And whenever necessary, the blast media can be easily and quickly replaced with another media type.

Of course, the new machine is also equipped with a sizable media cleaning and recycling system, a matching dust collector system and Siemens controls. And despite the compact design, all machine components requiring maintenance are easily accessible.

Rösler did not stop with the redesign of the spinner hanger blast machines but is also working on similar technical improvements for batch tumble belt and rotary table shot blast machines.

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