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SAVELLI supplies SABI GROUP with new Sand-Cooler

During the last 18 months SAVELLI installed and sold the exceptional number of 13 SK Sand Coolers together with the sand plants – among the foundry of SABI GROUP.

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SAVELLI supplies the foundry of SABI Group ( with the new Sand-Cooler Type SK120, which complies with industry 4.0 parameters. The Italian company offers complete Sand Preparation & Return Systems together with Tight Flask Molding Lines.

Sand capacity of 130 tons per hour

The SAVELLI Sand-Cooler Type SK 120 comprises a sand capacity of 130 tons per hour (year 2000). The molding line is 850X740X (270/270) mm, 180 mph (year 2014). The molding system enables Formimpress high pressure double squeezing and model side compaction.

13 Sand Coolers sold in the last months

During the last 18 months, SAVELLI installed and sold 13 Sand Cooler Type SK from size 45 to 350. One SK 200 was sold in Italy; 5 SK 180 were sold to Mexico (2), Poland (2) and Italy (1); 3 SK 150 were sold to Italy (1), Japan (1) and Turkey (1). 3 SK 120 were delivered to Italy (2) and Mexico (1). 1 SK 90 was sold to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The SAVELLI company highly welcomes this development and expects further sales in the coming months.


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