In times of economic uncertainty, SAVELLI reaches the 80 million turnover. An article about why the automotive industry remains SAVELLI's core business. Another focus is on how the company is securing its position on the global market with "re-shoring" and "friend-shoring".

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Savelli Technologies S.r.l. is glad to announce that the company reached the sales of € 80 million. From April 2024 to 2025 SAVELLI installations include 3 high performance horizontal tight flask moulding lines1 large in-flask cooling house for engine blocks and cylinder heads, 7 sand preparation and return systems and 2 large rotary cooling drums for sand and castings (brake discs).

The successful position in the Global Market can be explained by the fact that SAVELLI was able to react, analyse and interpret on time through a strategy of "re-shoring" and "friend-shoring" of important multinational groups which are investing in Mexico, Poland, Germany, Bosnia, Turkey and in UK. International players such as BremboMAT Foundry GroupFritz Winter EisengießereiCastings PLC-William LeePMP Industries and Elginkan-Odöksan have chosen SAVELLI and its technologies for the development of new Green and Brown-field foundry projects. This, in response the loss of the important Russian market which was worth 50% of the turnover (from € 21.3 million in 2021 to € 10.6 million in 2022).

Despite the European Parliament's push for the electrification of mobility, to the detriment of the internal combustion engine, the automotive industry remains the main one for SAVELLI. The production of high-volume cast-iron products like brake discs, drums, chassis bracketry etc… for passenger cars and trucks is unlikely to decrease in like the production of large engine blocks and cylinder heads for heavy vehicles. Considering the current orders, SAVELLI remains focused on automotive projects, especially projects related to the production of heavy transport, agricultural and earthmoving vehicles.

Deep customization and “heavy-duty” manufacturing of moulding lines and sand plants stay at the base of SAVELLI sales policy and business development. SAVELLI is a "boutique company" of 45 high skilled people, for which quality and customer care is the main priority. Its mission is to develop the best technological solutions for the Cast Metal Industry, mainly for the foundries which operate with the “Green Sand” Moulding Process, which is still the most convenient and cost-effective system to produce high volumes of quality castings.

The company’s philosophy is "Green" and based on environmental protection, and this is evident from how SAVELLI produce the energy consumed every day through a photovoltaic system located on the roof of its headquarters as well as how SAVELLI automates its products with low energy consumption and energy recovery solutions.


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