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The new MATIC range - temperature control made easy

With the MATIC and CLASSIC series, the Swiss company Tool-Temp AG is modernising its existing range of temperature controllers in terms of function and design

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With the launch of the new MATIC series, Sulgen-based Tool-Temp AG responds to Industry 4.0, which means that there are "almost" no limits to temperature control. The CLASSIC series, the proven classic in a new design, is characterised by its durability and is the ideal solution when the temperature control unit's range of tasks is limited to its core function, the control of the circulating medium.

The new temperature control units of the MATIC series meet all the requirements of production environments leveraging industrial networks. The entire MATIC product line is equipped with the new IRIS controller developed by Tool-Temp. It offers a broad range of connectivity features and is modularly expandable. The IRIS controller covers the timetested serial and digital/analogue interfaces, classical fieldbus protocols, as well as the current state-of-the-art-industrial ethernet (Profinet, EtherNet/IP).

The MATIC temperature control units focus on energy efficiency. The energy-saving eco mode leverages the latest-generation variable-frequency drive installed in every MATIC unit. Intelligent and predictive temperature control prevents unnecessary energy expenses for heating and cooling. All the while the proven immersed heaters offer a 100% conversion efficiency. In short, MATIC reduces both the energy consumption of the temperature control processes and downtimes to a minimum.

Chief Operating Officer, Serge Koller, is convinced of the MATIC line of units and explains:

"Users can look forward to a new, self-developed controller with an easy-to-use touchscreen display and a more modern design. The IRIS controller continuously informs, reports and optimises the operation of the temperature control unit. In addition, the cable pull can be attached to either the front or the rear of the unit, which offers the user advantages in operation. In future, the customer will also be able to decide on the protection class - IP44 or IP54 - of the housing. Last but not least, the customer can save energy and money thanks to the newly integrated frequency converter."

Tool-Temps temperature control units have been used successfully in a wide range of industries for 50 years. Moulds and tools can be brought to the required temperature with temperature control units. In addition, they ensure a stable heat balance throughout the entire production process, which delays premature damage to moulds or tools and thus significantly increases service life. The temperature control units from Tool-Temp combine economic thinking, permanent and intelligent monitoring with troubleshooting as well as predictive and adapted control during the entire temperature control process.

About Tool-Temp

The Swiss Tool-Temp AG is a globally operating company that offers complete solutions for temperature control and cooling equipment. As a family business in second generation, Tool-Temp AG focuses on the durability and usser friendliness of its products. Production takes place exclusively at the company's headquarters in Switzerland. The product range includes water/oil temperature control units, water temperature control units, pressurised water temperature control units, oil temperature control units and cooling units. With 16 subsidiaries and 30 distributors, Tool-Temp AG has a wide sales and service network worldwide.

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