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One of the world’s largest EV manufacturers starts casting with new Toggle Free HPDC machine from ItalPresseGauss

One of the largest EV manufacturers in the world, has produced its first casting from a newly installed TF2800 machine from ItalPresseGauss.

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The machine, installed at the company’s state-of-the-art facility in Hefei (China’s Anhui Province) where the company’s best-selling EV model is manufactured, is the first of its type to be deployed from ItalPresseGauss’ new modular range of Toggle Free machines.

Later this year it will be joined by several more TF HPDC machines from the die casting equipment supplier, with closing forces up to 3700 tons. They will predominantly be used to cast transmission front shells and rear shells for EV vehicles.

The new ItalPresseGauss machines will significantly increase casting capacity at the Hefei facility and will play an important role the company’s future development.

Highly configurable die casting technology

Unveiled earlier this summer, ItalPresseGauss’ so called ‘SmartPlatform’ TF machines are highly configurable, meaning they can be more easily tailored to match the needs of each individual customer. With closing forces ranging from 1,400 to 11,000 tons, 6 types of injection, and up to 2 closing unit options for every machine size, over 55 different combinations are available to die casters.

This current generation of TF machines also feature several familiar technologies that have become synonymous with low scrap rates and high casting yields.

The machines offer the hardest certified alloy steel platens in the industry, well equalized tie bar loads, a hydraulic locking system able to compensate for any geometrical imperfections of the die or thermal expansions, and a SC.4 shot end system with real time injection control, all of which help guarantee casting repeatability. 

Sustainable furnace solutions

Supplying both existing and new HPDC machines at Hefei with high quality liquid aluminium, the customer has also ordered several Westomat aluminium dosing furnaces in different sizes from StrikoWestofen – the first of which was installed alongside the TF 2800.

The crucible-free Westomat is a clean, sustainable, closed holding and dosing system for liquid aluminium, with a reputation for high dosing accuracy, extreme energy efficiency and metal loss as low as 0.06%.

Additional TF HPDC machines and Westomat furnaces will also be delivered to the manufacturer’s Changsha facility later this year. Several Westomats are already in operation at the plant.

Performance and partnership

The die casting and furnace solutions supplied by ItalPresseGauss and StrikoWestofen had to meet strict energy efficiency, reliability and casting accuracy performance criteria in order to win the contract.

Additionally, the customer looked for flexibility – equipment capable of flexing to meet each facility’s current and evolving production needs – and the ability for supplying partners to offer efficient long-term service support.

Peter Holm Larsen, President – Norican Aluminium, commented: “To work with this customer has been a privilege, and reaching this point in the project is a testament to great teamwork from all involved – our customer, my colleagues from ItalPresseGauss in Italy and StrikoWestofen in Germany, and obviously our organization in China.  

“We are dedicated to developing and continually evolving solutions to ensure they perfectly match the needs of our customers and the markets they serve. The new TF range from ItalPresseGauss certainly embodies this commitment and we are delighted to see our first machine up and running. I thank our customer for their trust, and everyone in my team for making this project a reality.”

For further information on the die casting solutions offered by ItalPresseGauss, and furnace solutions offered by StrikoWestofen, visit and respectively.

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