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Weijing Celebrates 100th Completed Hammer Order

The 100th Weijing Degating Hammer set was delivered on Feb 24, 2021. It is a key milestone for Weijing Hammer to move to the next stage.

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Weijing produced its first degating hammer QC 65 set in June, 2013. It was the smallest one, providing 500 Joules of impact energy and able to degate a maximum neck size of around 90 mm. For Weijing's staff, it seems like it was just yesterday. 

Thanks to Weijing's strict quality control, its first foundry customer was happy with the hammer's performance. This resulted in a follow-up order for the Weijing hammer form the same foundry, which was received in January 2021. Many more orders followed by different foundries accordingly. 

Straight development to bigger hammers 
Recently, more and more Weijing hammers are running on the market, and more foundry customers have been requesting new degating solutions from Weijing. After developed bigger and bigger hammers, the current Weijing hammers can degate risers with a neck size from 90 mm to 680 mm. 

87 foundries are now using Weijing hammers - some with 2 or more sets, since they are satisfied with Weijing hammer performance. 

Weijing is thankful for these foundries' trust in choosing their hammers.

This trust is the goal and the motivation for Weijing to develop even more helpful machines for the foundry industry. It is about furthering products to improve deburring with higher efficiency and more quality control. 

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