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Leading the Charge: HYDROTEC's Commitment to Climate Protection

Discover how HYDROTEC Technologies AG's invest in cutting-edge technology, including the DUOMELT JUPITERLine coreless induction furnace plant from Otto Junker GmbH

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HYDROTEC Technologies AG is an internationally successful family-run business from Wildeshausen in Germany producing manhole covers, drainage channels, surface boxes as well as products for gardening and landscaping.

The purpose of setting up a modern iron foundry in Europe is to gain independence and flexibility. On top of that, it contributes to climate protection, promotes the local economy and creates qualified jobs.

HYDROTEC have therefore placed an order with Otto Junker GmbH for the delivery, installation and commissioning of a state-of-the-art DUOMELT JUPITERLine coreless induction furnace plant.

The furnace plant is equipped with the latest technology and consists of two 5-ton coreless furnaces with IGBT POWERCube technology. The frequency converter allows infinite power distribution of the furnaces. The equipment also has an interface for communication with a large photovoltaic system via a higher-level energy management system. The glycol-free air/water recooler is equipped with a heat recovery system and heats part of the attached social building in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner. The excess heat is to be supplied to a district heating network.

The implemented Industrie 4.0 standard is complemented by the patented OCP+ coil monitoring system and supports the company with regard to sustainability, energy efficiency and climate neutrality.


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