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OTTO JUNKER - Leading the way for 100 years

OTTO JUNKER GmbH, world leading system supplier for metallurgical processes and the refinement of metals looks back at a successful 2023. With many successful trade fair participation's, new partnerships and major orders, the company has strengthened its position as technology leader and is looking forward to the future. This year, the company will celebrate its 100 year anniversary.

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Experience, sustainability, future orientation

„Our primary objective is the promotion of technological progress in order to increase the customer benefit in the foundry and semifinished products industry, but not only in this industry”, Erik Miček, CEO of OTTO JUNKER GmbH, stresses.

In 2024, OTTO JUNKER can look back at a century of experience, technical progress and highest quality standards and will continue to follow the path towards sustainability and transformation it has started. Especially after the clear positioning towards electrification in the planning of new equipment and modernizations and the approval of visitors at the GIFA/Thermprocess 2023, the company is looking forward to the future with confidence.

Highlights in 2023

  • Successful trade fair participations: The company presented groundbreaking solutions for metallurgical processes on international trade fairs.
  • New partnerships: OTTO JUNKER established strategic alliances in order to strengthen its innovative power.
  • Business expansion by OTTO JUNKER SOLUTIONS GmbH in November 2023.
  • Two successful practical „Induction Melting“ seminars with more than 60 experts from the aluminium, copper and cast iron industry who work on their own and competitors’ furnace plants every day.

View to the future

With a view to 2024 and beyond, OTTO JUNKER will tap into new potentials by entering new markets including the recycling and energy supply sectors. Non-metal processing industries, such as the food, drinks, glass, ceramics, cement, chemical and paper industries will also benefit from the use of recycling and power storage plants supplied by OTTO JUNKER SOLUTIONS.

Anniversary: 100 years of OTTO JUNKER

It is with joy and pride that OTTO JUNKER announces its 100 year anniversary which will be celebrated in style with a number of events in early autumn.

Tradition and innovation hand in hand

“Identifying all problems without bias, finding the solution through joint scientific and practical experience, and supplying the end result to the customer in the form of quality products.” Many years ago, this was the guiding principle of company founder Dr.-Ing. E.h. Otto Junker. More than anything, this principle of the founder still applies today for all employees of the company. “Concentrating on this principle, the technical realities and challenges in the marketplace past and present can be addressed. We therefore appreciate any exchange of ideas, any question and look forward to finding a solution in a constructive manner together with our business partners”, Erik Miček, CEO, and Sabine Höfer, CFO of OTTO JUNKER GmbH, emphasize. OTTO JUNKER stays true to its heritage while at the same time embracing innovation and sustainability with a view to a successful future.