Sustainability in companies - there are many advantages!

Projects and life cycle assessment using the example of GERLIEVA Sprühtechnik GmbH

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Companies face many challenges. Most of these relate to areas such as profitability, process technology, personnel and customer management. The topic of sustainability played a subordinate role for a long time.

An earlier sustainable course can be a guarantee of success for a company. Because it improves the image, gives the company a number of advantages and has a positive effect on the perception of employees, customers and competitors.

GERLIEVA Sprühtechnik GmbH paved the way for this as early as 1999.

Company boss Armin Linbrunner dealt with the topic of sustainability at an early stage. As early as 1999, when the new company building was being built in Heitersheim, he considered that solar energy could make an important contribution to electricity generation in sunny southern Baden. Even back then, a photovoltaic system with 84.2 kWp output was installed on the company building.

This started a new way of thinking, which over the years not only influenced the topic of electricity generation, but also brought advantages for electricity avoidance, heat generation and mobility.

Today, environmental projects are offered in many European regions. One of these prompted the Baden-Württemberg company GERLIEVA to implement its environmental protection measures in a more structured and sustainable manner.

With the ECOfit project of the state of Baden-Württemberg, data on consumption and emissions with regard to the impact on the environment were recorded and evaluated for the first time from 2009. Interested companies should be made aware of the need to show the environmental impact of reducing emissions and potential savings in consumption.

GERLIEVA was involved in this project from the start and has implemented a large number of sustainability measures in recent years. The company is advised by an engineering office.

Some of the numerous measures are:

- Environmental management according to ISO 14001 since 2017

- Relationship between green electricity (0 grams of CO2), January 2018

- Replacement of the existing heating boiler in the main building with a condensing boiler, May 2021

- Renewal of all lighting to LED technology, January 2020

- Installation of energy-e ffi cient frequency-controlled heating pumps, January 2020

- hydraulic balancing of the entire heating system, 2019

- Replacement of the cold water set (air conditioning of the office building), with butane as an environmentally friendly refrigerant, April 2020

- Use of the waste heat generated by the air conditioning of the IT infrastructure to heat the assembly hall in the main building, October 2021

Expected savings:

- energy costs approx. 12%

- CO2 emissions approx. 14%

Own generation of electrical energy:

- Average annual electricity yield: 122,500 kWh

- Total electricity yield from photovoltaic systems: 1.2 MWh

Other measures:

- Always on the cutting edge of technology thanks to the constant modernization of the machine park and the vehicle fleet

- Creation of a beehive on the company premises by committed employees

Sustainable action promotes the motivation and awareness of employees and contributes to a positive external impact.

If an entrepreneur is convinced of his goal and pursues it clearly, the employees go along with it. Because sustainable action also affects good and secure jobs in a grown company. If the employees identify with the idea of ​​sustainability, each individual thinks with them and everyone supports this goal together. Armin Linbrunner, together with his employees and his environmental officer Andreas Klein, has already achieved a lot here. The next generation of the entrepreneurial family, who will go on board in 2022, will thank them and carry this sustainable thinking into the future.

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