IDRA marches forward: Sustainability is the key

Sustainability is the key for the IDRA Group. John Stokes, Sales & Marketing Manager, explains the motivations behind this philosophy and reveals further goals that the group is pursuing.

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Recycling and reusability are currently well discussed issues in the manufacturing industry. “In recent years we have heavily invested that our latest machines come up to the requirements of the new environmental legislations and policies around the world”, so John Stokes, Sales & Marketing Manager of the IDRA Group concerning environmental policies. In this context he reveals that it’s very important for the IDRA Group that their machines are using an equal sustainable material, which is responsible sourced and that show the eventual reusability, even after many years of hard work of the machine materials.

Furthermore, the geographical location – Franciacorta in northern Italy – is very favorable for the IDRA Group, because it’s a very fine and growing industry there. “This is why because it’s very important to take care of our missions and products”, Stokes explains. “We want to be sure that we leave this area in a better condition than we found it before.” For example, the IDRA Group uses renewable energy sources, which include the installation of solar panels on the roof of the factory. “This supplies the complete requirements of energy for our office and our fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles“ Stokes states.

“We want to redouble our commitment to environment” – John Stokes, Sales & Marketing Manager

“At IDRA Group, we believe that a sustainable and ecological solution is essential for any business growth. We want to redouble our commitment to environment and as such we take great care to not make any contamination of waste products from the factory”, states Stokes concerning the company’s goal and philosophy for the next years.

In detail, the IDRA Group is forced that their machines operate in an energy sufficient and sustainable manner.

“We want to make sure that our machines can work in an environment where many of the issues that we face today are taking into consideration such as the use of gas, the use of electricity and other important issues. Sustainability is the key and all of us have to strive forward to a greener future”, so John Stokes concerning the company’s direction for the future.


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