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Baraldi - The perfect balance between applied quantity and concentration

On-site visit to the Italian manufacturer of lubricants and release agents

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Thomas Fritsch, Chief Editor

We recently took the opportunity to visit Baraldi's Italian headquarters near Bologna.

Managing Director Luca Baraldi and Business Development Manager Piero Parona welcomed us with Italian cordiality and impressively showed us the mixture of over 100 years of experience and ultra-modern orientation for the future.

Founded in 1917, the company develops and produces release agents and lubricants for the hot processing of metals for die casting and extrusion.

Motul-Tech Baraldi is now a division of the Motul Group and, in addition to the production of lubricants and release agents, is particularly specialised in research and development in this field and benefits from its on-site technology centre.

Baraldi, as a global supplier of effective solutions for the casting industry, is in daily contact with professionals and practitioners in the foundries to meet their needs. Customer specifications as well as quality and sustainability can be tested and put to the test, because in its technical-scientific approach the company is focused on the continuous optimisation of industrial processes.

When Piero Parona talks about the challenges and changes in the die-casting industry, he knows what he is talking about. In addition to production, the service to the customer involves cycle times, surface properties, huge structural components, so-called giga- or mega-castings, as well as permanent quality management in favour of climate-friendly and sustainable use of raw material components.

Baraldi offers a wide range of release agents, which are indispensable for the die casting process, to meet the most diverse product requirements. The Baraldi Casting Line includes water-free, silicone-free and wax-free products, and it is always a question of finding the perfect balance between applied quantity and concentration.

The experienced managers Luca Baraldi and Piero Parona look to the future with composure and optimism because they trust their expertise, their skills and their team, and so it is no coincidence that Motul-Tech Baraldi is set on expansion and wants to grow strongly in the coming years. This is technically and logistically possible and many Baraldi customers already benefit from quality, variety and personal support.

Company Info

Baraldi S.r.l.

Via Lombardia 2/I-2/L - Fraz. Osteria Grande
40024 Castel S. Pietro - Bologna

Telephone: +39 051 946994