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Further development on the highest level

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The commitment of Motultech Baraldi towards a more sustainable and profitable diecasting process is clearly demonstrated by our proprietary lubrication optimization methodology, which reduces waste and increases process profitability.

In the last years, they have developed an entire range of products designed and manufactured for Minimal application.

With the "CASTING MINIMAL" range, they are able offer customized solutions that can guide the client toward an application with no overspray, using an approach that is unique.

Cooperation with customers

“We do not force our client to adapt to the product we propose; rather, the opposite. Based on the process data, we share achievable goals with the client and propose products and services capable of reaching those objectives”.

Involving all the stakeholders (Process engineers, Quality Department, Environmental Department, etc.) and working with a win-win approach, it is now possible to achieve a true industrial revolution in the HPDC sector, bringing it to the forefront in the manufacture of aluminum components.

This not only offers excellent performance in terms of structure and metallurgy but also in terms of sustainability.

A great example is a recent application of Baraldi`s CASTING MINIMAL 45 to a die for an automotive structural part produced in EN 43500 alloy on a 3500 tons DCM, where the customer reduced the lubricant volume of 87% and the lubricant spray time of 42%, compared to the traditional release agent used previously.


Company Info

Baraldi S.r.l.

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